Emergency Last Tuesday at Two

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Emergency Last Tuesday at Two

by Billie Webb

Written for elementary school children. Book about a fire emergency at an elementary school and the successful execution of fire drill techniques.


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Book Description

Jay Cub and his friend, James, experience a very serious emergency situation at school: a fire! Read about their safe escape and Jay’s struggle with the loss of his school. The story has a happy ending: the town finds a fun, new building for the children to use: an old mall!

This book is both serious and fun. It touches on the potential impact of a serious safety situation while also providing the fun fantasy of setting up a school inside a mall.

“Emergency Last Tuesday at Two” would make a good gift for anyone named “Jacob,” and it has a readability score of first grade, third month (Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Readability). “Emergency Last Tuesday at Two” is a Wooli Book, owned and managed by Wooli Labs LLC.

AGES:  The biggest fans are teachers, and children ages 3 to 7.

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