I Have No Book. I Am Too Small – Special “Big Brother” Edition

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I Have No Book. I Am Too Small – Special Edition

Featuring Big Brother!

by Billie Webb


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Book Description

Introducing the “big Brother” edition of the popular book “I Have No Book.  I Am Too Small!”

Abby is a new baby in the family, and Abby tells you about her life from her point of view as a baby. With vivid pictures and simple melodic poetry, you can experience baby Abby’s heart warming perspective about her relationship with her older brother, too. Older brother can do so many more things than baby Abby! But clearly, they are a family and they love each other. This is a wonderful book for a family with two or more small children, or a family with one child and a baby on the way. Also a good gift for anyone named “Abby” or “Aidan.”

AGES:  The biggest fans are mothers, and children ages 2 to 4.

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