Islander Condo 707

Estimated launch date: August 1, 2021

Work Away Here

Does your profession function largely out of your home office? Mine does. My primary pod is SAP consulting. I also have micro pods such as book publishing and blogging.

Nomadic Work Space Challenges

Flexcations are the rage right now: work and play at resorts, hotels, airbnbs…. Has it been working for you? Can you grab your laptops and cellphones and go? Not me. Conditions away from the home office can be harsh. These spaces never seem to have enough outlets. I’m not fond of moving other people’s furniture to hunt for outlets! I used to run to Walmart to buy extension cords and dongles to fortify the workspace but have since learned to bring these along. Sometimes I am forced to use my phone hotspots to compensate for poor WiFi. Luckily, my company pays for that. But not everyone is that lucky.

My brother travels, too, and sometimes he carefully packs additional monitors – other times he lives without them. He’s also gone so far as to remove fake wall panels to find TV HDMI ports in hotel rooms. Frankly: hotels and resorts fall short, despite their enticing advertisements and junk mail promotions.

Vacation Condo Equipped for Professionals

Bottom line: A certain number of vacation rentals need to include a reasonable home office. I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and I am setting up a condo by our beach where a power couple can easily work and play. (Did I mention that this is the most beautiful beach in the world?) When I’m not enjoying my flexcation condo, I will rent it out to professionals like you who want to experience the same fabulous thing. Just bring your phones, laptops, and swimsuits. I’ll have the home office ready for you, complete with standing desks, multiple screens, a variety of cords, strong WiFi…everything else….

When it is ready, you can come on over and work away here!

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