Islander Condo 707

Fly into the VPS airport and be at the beach in 15 minutes! The  condo is available now. We have set up chargers everywhere, and the WiFi is great. However, the desks and monitors are not set up yet.

Nomadic Work Space Challenges

Flexcations are the rage right now. Have you tried it yet? I have, and conditions away from the home office can be harsh. I’m not fond of moving other people’s furniture to hunt for outlets, nor do I like hauling around extension cords and dongles. Luckily, my company pays for a hotspot because some of these vacation spots have scary and weak WiFi.

My colleagues have issues, too. They hate working in a hotel without multiple monitors. One of my colleagues once went so far as to remove fake wall panels to find TV HDMI ports.

Frankly: hotels and resorts fall short, despite their enticing advertisements and junk mail promotions.

Vacation Condo Equipped for Professionals

The vision: I am setting up a condo by our beach where a professional twosome can easily work and play. Just bring your phones, laptops, and swimsuits. I’ll have the home office ready for you, complete with standing desks, multiple screens, a variety of cords, strong WiFi…everything else….

Why two people? Because my spouse and I both work. And we both need quiet spaces divided from each other for our meetings. I will set it up for us, and then share it with you so that you can experience the same fabulous thing. Did I mention that this is at the most beautiful beach in the world?

The condo is offered on Airbnb. Right now it has some charging stations, strong WiFi, and guess what? -instant hot water in the bathroom. No dedicated desks yet. We have a long list and are gradually transforming it. You are welcome to book it anytime throughout this process.

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