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Yik Yak! Time For a Free Bedtime Story! -Only This Week-

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“Anna Leese Likes Peace” is a rhythmic bedtime story that contains large, colorful illustrations, silly animal sounds, and a variation of a the popular lullaby “Hush Little Baby.”

A young child, Anna Leese, experiences a variety of sounds: silly animal sounds, curious people sounds and noisy baby sounds. Eventually the sounds become overwhelming! Magically, Mommy brings peace to the evening by singing a soothing lullaby that calms Anna Leese and lulls the animals and the baby to sleep.

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“The illustrations took a lot of time,” Billie Webb explains. “I wanted the images to properly convey the myriad of emotions that the characters experienced.

“I am very happy with the evening scenes. I wanted the transition from noise to peace to become almost magical, and I really think it worked!

“However, not all of the illustrations were successful right off the bat. I did really struggle with the appearance of the mother, and at the last minute I completely changed her appearance! So yes, this book took a while. I did not want to release it until I felt I got it right.”

The Kindle version of “Anna Leese Likes Peace” will be promoted for free for 5 days: July 21 – 25.

Omaha Author Presents New Book with Look-a-Like Toys


July 6, 2015 – Billie Webb, Omaha author of seven children’s picture books (including the popular Kindle book “Red Cat, Red Cat, Red Cat, Blue),” traveled to Utah over the Fourth of July weekend to visit with family and friends… and to present a very special gift to a two year old little girl.

On July 5th, at a small gathering in the home of a friend in Pleasant Grove, UT, Billie presented a copy of her latest book “ Anna Leese Likes Peace” to two-year-old Annalise. Webb handed Annalise a large gift bag, and much to everyone’s surprise, the toddler reached into the bag and pulled out several stuffed animals and even a doll that matched the colorful illustrations in the book!

“Toy R Us” makes stuffed animals that very strongly resemble some of the animals in the book,” Billie explained. “The monkey is the best (Toys R Us) toy of all because it screeches just like the monkey in the book!”

“Anna Leese Likes Peace” is a classic bedtime story for young children. The book contains large, colorful illustrations, silly animal sounds, and a popular lullaby. It concludes with a peaceful evening experience between mother and child.

Currently  “Anna Leese Likes Peace” is only available for sale in paperback form on Although there is no firm release date for the Kindle version, Wooli Labs, LLC plans to release the Kindle version “very soon.”

All Billie Webb books can be ordered through any bookstore or library. They are also sold locally in Omaha, NE at “The Bookworm” on 90th and Center, and at “Fairmont Antiques and Mercantile” in the Old Market.

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